Improving Mental Health through contact with animals.

The day I introduced Daylight the lamb to young people at Small Steps. We caused quite a stir walking through town, with lots of smiles, and people wanting to stop and say hello and even taking selfies.  I don’t think its possible for someone to see a baby lamb and not get a huge smile on their face. There was… Read more »

Adapting to Covid-19

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  Author Diane Williams Project Manager, Rekindle Rekindle’s Small Steps Project enjoys a challenge, and this was put to the test with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown commencing in March. At the start of the lockdown period we recognised some of our current clients were living alone or estranged from family members. We were able to prepare clients for the possible lockdown and… Read more »

“Mountains” – by a young person involved in the Small Steps Project

“I am an 18 year old living in Newtown! To everyone else I come across as an always happy, bubbly person. However, even people like this may only be acting. I am on the road of recovery so I am very lucky but I only have achieved this by pushing myself and coming to Small Steps which was the best… Read more »