What We Do

Rekindle works with younger people aged 16 to 25 to offer early intervention for those at risk of mental health problems or those already suffering mental distress such as depression, anxiety or who are self-harming.

Rekindle is about recovery
Rekindle works with young people and adults who want to talk to someone about their mental health, or just can’t cope with what life is bringing them. Many clients are referred by the statutory services but clients can also refer themselves. The aim is to guide clients towards recovery.

The recovery of independence – through focused and professional one-to-one support. The support workers set up a recovery programme in co-operation with the client, tackling issues such as physical health, employment, accommodation, money, training and education. This is specialised, small-scale work, addressing individual needs.

The recovery of confidence – setting up agreed goals and looking at how these are going to be achieved, what help and support will be needed and what are the realistic next steps. Clients are given the confidence to make their own choices about the help they need, and the assurance that it will be available when they need it.

The recovery of self-respect – encouraging a sense of purpose and a recognition of their particular skills. Clients have the chance to engage in a range of activities in small groups, and the opportunity to progress so that they can provide help to others.
The recovery of normal life – overcoming isolation and the stigma of mental illness, building relationships and restoring the capacity for normal life.