Rekindle was established in 1998.  Our goal is to support young people and adults suffering from or at risk of mental illness.   We are based in Newtown, Mid Wales, and provide a planned recovery programme adjusted to individual needs and aimed at the development of life skills, the restoration of self-respect and the resumption of meaningful activities.  More details in the about us page.

Currently we are working very hard on our main project, The SmallSteps Project is where we provide very practical help for young people. If you select from any of the drop down menus above you’ll find various ways to seek good advice and help from local services or from our dedicated team. We support over 100 clients in The Montgomery Area. Many of them are seen on a daily basis, and the objective is to provide a vital “listening ear” with no time limit, together with practical help.

Early intervention brings on some remarkable success, not least in fostering relationships of mutual support between individual clients.

More than 80% of all Small Steps referrals come from the Health or Mental Health Services but without any reciprocal statutory funding.